Der Fliegende Teppich - Weltmusiksalon Nr. 17

Dear friends of global music, in our series
World Music Salon The flying carpet goes digital
musicians from Bali, India, China, Scandinavia, Germany a. o. introduce themselves and their world of sound.
Our next digital post comes from India and will be broadcasted on
Wed 10th of June at 6 pm (European Summertime)

Meghana Sardar Kenjale - Dhrupad vocal - indian classical music

Meghana is one of the young generation of Ladies in Dhrupad. She has been following this old form of music in Dagar Parampara under Guru Pandit Uday Bhawalkar since 2005. Nowadays she is performing on international stages and received several awards and grants. To support the project and the artists we would like to request you to donate on our Paypal - Konto keyword: Flying Carpet.

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