Máquina P.O.P.aganda

Adbusting against the discrimination of HIV-infected people: In four ten-hour long livestreams, the artist group GRUPO D3 CHOK3 is taking us along to their spectacular actions in Mexico City. Using propaganda techniques, they change the content of advertising posters for their own purposes and bring their messages into public space – and onto the web.

»Máquina P.O.P.aganda« is the opening of »It’s about time«, Ballhaus Ost’s new online durational festival. For an unpredictably long period of time artistic works by Barbara Lenartz, Club Real, Felizitas Stilleke, GRUPO D3 CHOK3, Markus&Markus, ONCE WE WERE ISLANDS, vorschlag:hammer and many more will be developed, presented and archived. »It’s about time« is a tribute to durational performances that allows art to take its time. It is a festival that will last.

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