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BENEFIT PERFORMANCES: Audiotour through your home

πŸ’– BENEFIT PERFORMANCES πŸ’– "What I wanted to tell you" - an Audiotour through your home πŸ’–

All raised funds will go to the "Fondo Solidario", a solidarity fund created by the independent theatremakers of the province of CΓ³rdoba (Argentina). Many of the independent theater workers have lost all their income due to cancelled performances or participation in festivals that have become impossible, etc. Therefore this solidarity fund is still very necessary.

πŸ’– Thank you all for contributing πŸ’–

Julia is house-sitting for her friend Irene. As the days go by, unusual things start happening in the apartment. One day, she receives an audio message from Irene asking her for a peculiar favour.

"What I wanted to tell you" is an interactive audio experience. It is an individual audio tour for you to do at home. To participate, all you have to do is put in your earphones, follow the instructions you receive through the audio and step into the story.

Just earphones and a mobile phone with internet connection!

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