Was ist Berlin (a)live?

What is Berlin (a)live?

What is Berlin (a)live?
Cancelled events, empty cultural establishments, a lack of gigs and honoraria. The corona crisis is threatening our culture, the arts and the livelihoods of many artists/creatives. Berlin has been strongly affected. The Berlin art scene has always had  a huge influence on the people of our city. It also depends on us for its survival. 


The digital stage for art and culture.
Berlin is an expert at improvising. When its population is forced to stay at home, we somehow have to bring culture back into their lives. DJ battles, discussions, opera, performances, concerts and art show openings are now available as a livestream. 
We have created a digital stage for everybody who needs an audience to survive. It’s where culture takes place during a crisis. From living room to living room.

Was ist Berlin (a)live? Warum lohnt es sich mitzumachen?

Das sagen andere über Berlin (a)live

It’s especially in such times of „Being left to ourselves“ that we need the arts, be it digital. They should be visible, found somewhere, accompanying and supporting us. Our „digital event calendar“ Berlin (a)live helps us with that task. It gathers culture for everyone to enjoy und enables solidarity through financial support.

Klaus Lederer

Senat Administration for Culture and Europe

"Wir fahren jetzt alle nur auf Sicht"

Interview mit Klaus Lederer in der Morgenpost

You don't have to be famous to participate! 

You do not need to be a famous actor from The Deutsche Theater or a well-known athlete from the Olympic Stadium to perform as an Olympian. The stage is all yours-join us! This is your “deutsche Oper” or your “Alte Münze,” your “Waldbühne,” “Ballhaus,” your “Arena” - just register your event at Berlin (a)live.

Are you interested in dancing an ontological proof of God’s existence? How about a Peruvian cooking class while enjoying a Mongolian Mehrton-Speedmetal performance? It can be as simple as a hangout for football enthusiasts or a round of spin the bottle while streaming Foucault. Then this is the right place for you. Plan your livestream to showcase your art/talent and then go to Berlin (a)live, Berlin’s new digital cultural stage. This will allow you to continue to share your work with an audience who in return will provide you the emotional and financial support you need.

At the moment we must renounce to many free time activities. But not to humanity, exchange, fun, culture, fantasy, nor live-experiences.
Berlin (a)live brings us together and fills our homes with life from everywhere.

Armin Berger and his team


"Die Möglichkeiten feiern" 


"Berliners help Berliners to keep culture (a)live"


Berlin (a)live will transport you virtually to the concert halls, clubs and studios without any hassles or restrictions. Immediately available and live. It is the main contact point for all of Berlin’s live performances on the net, a platform where livestreams of all kinds are just a link away.

I am overwhelmed by how strongly our culture community is reacting and participating in new unusual offers, and how strong the solidarity has been.

Katja Lucker

Musicboard Berlin

You are looking for a place where culture overcomes the crisis, where artists open their digital showrooms for the public? Then you've come to the right place. Berlin (a)live connects people from living room to living room.

Wenn it keeps getting tighter and tighter at home between our own four walls, we can find more space on „Der RBB macht’s“ with our offers and cooperation with the city‘s cultural institutions – in our hearts, our head, our souls.

Patricia Schlesinger


Solidarity first

The entire creative industry is in its biggest crisis since World War II: Corona is encroaching on its existence. The shutdown of cultural facilities and the cancellation of events creates a structural threat to the survival of many institutions and workers in the cultural and creative sector. The current challenge is to design public supports that alleviate the negative impacts. This is why Berlin (a)live gives you the opportunity to support artists and their projects directly.

Despite social and spatial distancing, together it’s been more fun these past weeks – and it should and must not go to waste now! With @Berlinbühnen and @Museumsportal we accompany and support with full energy the new platform Berlin (a)live.

Moritz van Dülmen

Kulturprojekte Berlin

Escape the isolation

Berlin (a)live provides an innovative networking platform connecting creatives and culture enthusiasts. We have created an alternative stage for Berlin’s artists/creatives during these uncertain times. This cultural exchange strengthens the bond between Berlin’s creative community and the rest of society.

Stay tuned. Show solidarity.

Berlin (a)live!

Digital tools bring us closer together, when we must personally distance ourselves from each other: Especially now do people need easy access to culture and love of life – and creative artists the possibility to get financial support for their great engagement.

Nicolas Zimmer

Technologiestiftung Berlin