Warum unterstützen?

Why support?

The effects of the pandemic for artists have been dramatic. The resulting closures of cultural establishments and cancellations of events are threatening the livelihoods of many in Berlin’s creative community. Freelancers in particular are in need of immediate financial support. Many of them are facing financial ruin and desperately need our help to survive in these uncertain times.

They need us, we need them

Culture is the glue that holds our society together. We can now decide to show solidarity to the artists and creatives who create culture: people who create, inspire, educate, entertain, irritate and challenge us to think outside the box. We do not want to abandon these people. We need them now more than ever.

Unbureaucratic, yet reliable.

Every cent counts. The crisis has had devastating effects on Berlin’s creative community. Berlin (a)live gives you the opportunity to support artists and projects of your choosing. We have installed the relevant links on all the event pages including links to donation platforms. This allows you to choose individual formats to support in the most unbureaucratic yet reliable way.