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LIGHT & SHADOWS by Arezoo Zargar
Iran, 2020
A Documentary About Exhibition Review
This documentary is a re-reading of a group installation exhibition that took place in 2018 in Tehran, Iran. This installation was exhibited under the title "Pangea". With this movie Arezoo Zargar tries to present the inner content of the exhibition in relation to immigration by well-thought-out editing of the audience's videos, interviews from participants in the time of exhibition as well as audios and videos from critics and artists who were the audiences of this exhibition. Arezu Zargar graduated with a master's degree in geology and art research. In her works, you can see a variety of experiences of installation, photography, sculpture, environmental art and film. She does not consider art to be limited to one media and believes that this is the way of life. She has produced several documentaries and short films.
This film is part of the program curated by three young artists from Teheran: Neda Shoaei, Soroush Ahi and Shirin Ashkari, who in 2018, began the instagram project hierundjetzt_iran, inspiried by the HIER&JETZT: Connections manifesto.

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