Haus Gropius Residents Alexis Lowry and Hannes Bajohr

»Haus Gropius: Fiktional«

Moderated by Jules Pelta Feldman
In English

Residents Alexis Lowry and Hannes Bajohr have been working intensively on the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Masters‘ Houses during their stay in Dessau in recent weeks and months. For the annual theme »Infrastructure«, curator Alexis Lowry chose modular, sculptural and industrially manufactured objects by artist Charlotte Posenenske as the focus of her work, which defy the notion of domination in favour of the participatory. The writer, philosopher and literary scholar Hannes Bajohr drew on archival texts to approach the invisible infrastructure of the Masters‘ Houses. He selected passages from administrative documents and correspondence between tenants and the magistrate, arranged them and placed them in the places to which they refer. Both artists talk to art historian and curator Jules Pelta Feldman.

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