YanYogaYin - Power Yoga (charity session)

Easy access to yogic power techniques - Power Yoga for all - The Leg Series
(in english)

With the Power Yoga series we are celebrating a powerful Yoga style that boots up my body, strengthens my joints and stabilises my balance. Easy to follow even for new ones. Just be sure to know your individual physical restrictions and play with them to challenge your edge.
Especially for us nervous ones Power Yoga can be the gate to full relaxation. We offer shows in german and in english.

Our Yoga sessions are a colorful mix of different Yoga styles from Hatha to Power, from tension to relaxation, from home to home. Since my Yoga Teacher licence in 2010 at Sivananda in Madurai I have attended approximately 100 Yoga and physio therapeutical workshops to freshen up my Yoga sessions - live and streamed. Yoga and Meditation keeps my mind up and on, my body fit, and my mood balanced. Breathing exercises make sure that my respiratory organs stay healthy and clean!

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