“THE NEW ORLEANS PROJECT” Part#1 Premiere November 19 2022

November 19, 2022 - DIGITAL CONCERT
19:00 hrs. (Europe) 12:00hrs (México)

This project revisits the music of New Orleans’ jazz composers that have impacted the shaping of the unique “New Orleans jazz sound”.

Part 1:
1. Monkey Puzzle -James Black
2. Cain & Abel - Branford Marsalis
3. Cowboy Bill - James Singletone w/Astral Project
4. Bumps -Alvin Batiste
5. Swinging at the Haven -Ellis Marsalis

Thomas Hähnlein - tenor and soprano saxophones
Marleen Dahms - trombone
Hugo Fernandez - guitar and arrangements
Max Leiß - doublebass
Mathias Ruppnig - drums

Recording/Mix - Volker Greve
Assistent - Daniel Weixler
Camera Operator - Denes Gottschalk
Videocutter - Franz Harfenmeister

Hugo Fernandez Quintet - The New Orleans Project "Live at Greve Studio" Part #1

Recorded the 23rd of October 2022 at GREVE STUDIO, Berlin.

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