A Travelogue of Morphing Bodies

Janne Kummer, Anton Krause & Steph Holl-Trieu: A Travelogue of Morphing Bodies

19.–21.1., 19:00 + 21:00, 22.1., 17:00 + 21:00 / HAU3 + HAU4 / Premiere

The new multiplayer game explores body norms within a meritocracy from a queer-feminist perspective. The project impressively combines virtual reality performance, gameplay and computing with body theories. Participants traverse different worlds reminiscent of endless desert and mountain landscapes. Each of these environments is dedicated to mechanisms of measuring and optimising bodies. On their journey, players find themselves in a process of transformation that allows them to experience current physical limitations as well as possible future freedoms. The participants incorporate into the game real-time bodily data acquaired by sensors. In this way, their own perception of the body is reinforced. As a hybrid art format, “A Travelogue of Morphing Bodies” explores the connection between technology and performance to enable social interactions and collective experiences. The audience can immerse themselves in the performance either collectively at HAU3 using VR glasses or at home on a computer screen at HAU4.

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