ÄTNA - CovAid Africa Livestream

COVAID Africa, in support of Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières, was founded to combat the spread of COVID-19 through fundraising to provide medical support and resources throughout Africa. With high rates of tuberculosis, HIV and immunological diseases, the spread of coronavirus throughout countries within Africa will place extreme pressure on the healthcare systems. Strained infrastructure and a lack of resources has the potential to lead to an even graver humanitarian crisis on the continent.

To flatten the curve, we must support and equip front line workers! This is the only solution in effectively combating COVID-19 in Africa. We believe that with your support we can ensure that Doctors Without Borders - an independent global movement offering medical aid since 1971 - will help where it’s needed the most.

By staying home, you can save lives. Through COVAID Africa Live, you can join us in social isolation to stream live and save lives.



Like Fever Ray meeting Grimes in London's grandiose Royal Opera House, ÄTNA focus their shows around piano, with analogue effects mixed in directly, loops, effects and delays played live, and nothing automated at all.

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