aletes (e): a digital polyphonic tale

The female vocal ensemble Perperúna presents a digital polyphonic tale centered around a female character who flees from a barren land and starts a transformative journey. She shall be wandering and wandering, longing for a delayed spring, that has to come, that will come.

The voices of Perperúna sing her past and present, become her body and senses, through vocal improvisation and Balkan folk polyphonic tunes.

The narrative voice of Aliki Atsalaki weaves her tale, steps on her steps and follows her path.
The online performance platform aejaa enables the remote interaction of voices from Berlin and Herakleion, Crete in real time, transforming the polyphonic storytelling into an immersive multimedia experience.

Concept & Text by Dimitra Kandia

Performance Duration: 30 minutes
Language: Greek with English Subtitles

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