Behind The Mask: Whistleblowing During The Pandemic

Our 23rd Conference, Behind The Mask: Whistleblowing During The Pandemic, will present acts of whistleblowing in times of coronavirus and expose practices dangerous to public health during the pandemic. The programme focuses on the activity of whistleblowers, scientists, journalists, human right activists, artists and researchers denouncing abuses and wrongdoing in the course of the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

In the context of our investigation on the relations between technology, politics, and society, we invite experts that have been speaking out to save other people’s lives, denouncing misconduct and corruption in healthcare systems. The conference and the programme around it present new forms of collective care, social justice and resistance to foster accountability and literacy, and to defend human rights at a global scale.

All are welcome - check out our full programme and list of speakers on our website:

Behind The Mask: Whistleblowing During The Pandemic will be *freely live-streamed* from Thursday 18 March (15:00) - Saturday 20 March (13:00).

We hope to see you there!
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