Beige B*tch live from the Beige Nation

Take a seat in the live TV show, Beige Nation! As your provocative star and host*, the post-internet icon Beige B*tch scrolls through the saturated reality of her beige world and challenges the (sur-)real fantasy construct of “mixed race” women. In anecdotes, interviews and bespoke adverts, she poses pointed questions about white accountability, Black Culture and what it means to belong. Ranging from exuberant to vulnerable her razor-sharp social commentary questions what expectations black womxn and black performers have to meet in a structurally racist, capitalist society in order to be listened to and celebrated by the audiences.


BY AND WITH Nima Séne FEAT. FRAN.K, GodXXX Noirphiles (Adrian Marie Blount), James Primmer, Jee Chan, Daniel Hughes FILM Daniel Hughes COSTUMES Sabrina Henry DRAMATURGICAL ASSISTANCE Laura Fisher LIGHT DESIGN Jazz Hutsby SOUNDDESIGN Alicia Matthews

Foto © Daniel Hughes

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