Berlin Club Festival

The days are finally getting longer again and the cold winter is slowly leaving us.. Warm sunshine kisses our eager faces… Our hearts and bodies long for happiness and a feeling of unity with each other…

To properly welcome the summer in all its splendor and to get you excited for what's to come, we have teamed up with an incredible group of collectives, labels and clubs to bring you the quintessence of Berlin club feeling right into the comfort of your homes, balconies, roofs, gardens, parks, saunas and everywhere you’ll be able to join us from 🔥

This truly extraordinary digital festival puts the essence of our musical endeavour and soul into an unforgettable one day event on the 3rd of April - the Berlin Club Festival 🎉

You will be able to explore the whole Club festival through the digital festival venue, complete with an interactive festival map, incredible musical floors, a virtual dancefloor, a chill interactive social area and an immersive digital art experience 🌈

All for free, non-commercial and purely donation based - with the donations we support Doctors Without Borders & Berlin Collective Action ️❤️️

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