Greg Smith – drums
Martin Buhl – bass
Vanja Kevresan – guitar (Space Tigers)
Alex Maksymiw – guitar

Electronic soundscapes, mysterious, almost dystopian atmospheres,
and volcanic energy!‘ These words, written by music critic Jean Claude Vantroyen of Le Soir Brussels,
truly describe the sound of Canadian drummer/composer Greg Smith’s CLUSTER 001. The
music is intense and driving, yet allows space for hallucinations and dreams, fulfilling
Smith’s vision of a bizarre World clustered with off-the-wall sonic imagery and propulsive,
futuristic rhythms. A strong melodic line forges through the chaos, and lets this alternate
reality impact the hearts and minds of the listeners.

„Smith’s music, deep and progressive, touched my listeners deeply“ – Jerry Gordon, Evidence
Records and director of WPRB Princeton

„Smith convened the perfect group, integrating compositional rigor with improvisational
openness“ – Philip Freitas, Jazz Trail NYC

Eintritt frei – um angemessenen Kulturbeitrag wird gebeten.
Free entry – it is suggested to give some money if you like the band.

Live auf YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8mCAhwtqns

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