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SPONDE. Nel sicuro sole del nord / SHORES. In The Safe Northern Sun
documentary, 60′ Italy/France, 2015
writer and director Irene Dionisio
produced by a.titolo, Mammut Film, Vycky Film and sustained by Film Commission Torino Piemonte
Shores by Irene Dionisio. A documentary which tells two stories of compassion and civic virtue on two opposite shores of the Mediterranean, through the correspondence between Mohsen Lihidheb, a postman and intellectual in Zarzis, Tunisia, and Vicenzo Lombardo, a retired cemetery worker in Lampedusa, Italy. While searching on the beach for materials for his Museum of the Memory of the Sea – a true monument to the victims of migration – Mohsen finds a body which he decides to bury with dignity, without thinking twice about it. Vincenzo in Lampedusa shares this same sense of urgency, tending the tombs of the unknown people who he buried in the local cemetery years before. In the wake of the Arab Spring, as sea tragedies grow significantly, Irene Dionisio speaks of a potential dialogue, of deep humanity that contrasts with the obscene of current history. More Info:

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