CONNECTIONS:SCREENINGS - wöchentliche Filmreihe

Video Essay, 47’02”
2 channel HD Video
Language: English
2019, USA, Germany
Irina Novarese
The extensive collection of materials on the history of the NRTS INL* area in Idaho is the starting point of this video essay. Local and national newspaper articles, photos and footage from field research and archival records are linked to create a new “sometimes factual, sometimes fictional” story about the area around the INL facilities. The film focuses closely on the concept of expectation and how this idea is positively and negatively related to various aspects of reality related to the INL area and its history; from the real estate industry (selling ‘a pleasant communal life’ to INL workers in the cities of Arco and in Atomic City) to the dreamlike idea that nuclear energy is safe, to peoples need for employment. The work raises the topics of the history of nuclear research, the increase in nuclear testing during the Cold War, and the philosophy of propaganda, for the public to reflect on. Personal fear and archive materials become part of a dual-screen video in which the viewer can freely link associations and play between the levels of information.

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