CoronaReadings - JJ Bola

JJ Bola is a British activist and author. He is reading from his new book "Mask off: Masculinity Redefined" (German title: Sei kein Mann) at the CoronaReadings of the Intercultural Centre.

"It's frustrating: men still pretend to be someone else as if they were wearing a mask. The older we get, we notice: This is not healthy for us," he says about masculinity and about society's view about men and women. With his new book "Mask off: Masculinity Redefined" he examines these societal roles and looks for ways of better understanding between the sexes. He also takes a look at non-western perspectives on masculinity and at influences from the LGBTQ+ community.
Jagoda Marinic, the director of the Intercultural Centre Heidelberg, will give a short introduction into the German edition of the book.

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