Death of an Influencer

A parody of a classic in the American theatre canon, with a low-level influencer substituted for the traveling salesman.

"Influencer" Willa Loman used to be liked, or so she claims. And even though she still has followers, most of them are paid for and may be Russian bots.

She wanted freedom and a better life for her daughters...

And now nothing about her life or her Instagram is what it was supposed to be - exactly how it's all gone wrong will depend on your suggestions!

A re-improvised show streamed live to - Tune in to see what happens as we explore the depths of the internet and test Germany's hi-speed capacity.

Enter the twitch chat at 8:45pm CEST to give suggestions. Show starts at, 9pm CEST and ends sometime between 10pm and 10:15pm, followed by post-show chats. No intermission/interval this time.

This week your donations go to support @800A.

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