Ecosystems of Creativity: In Our Bubble with GOOD INTENTIONS

In Our Bubble with GOOD INTENTIONS is an evening centred around collective healing through music, led by Berlin founded collective and event series GOOD INTENTION aka GOODIES. GOODIES is a collective emphasising a DIY project space mentality within an artist-support-artist community of club performers.

The experience ‘In Our Bubble’ will be centred around togetherness and inspired by the concept of music as therapy, playing on the belief that within every human being lies a rhythm that ties us all together. Through a sound bath, calming visuals, meditation and live music, ‘In Our Bubble’ will inspire inner peace and reflection, introducing the concept of mindfulness through creative practice.
The focus will not only be on the healing qualities of music but also the collective experience. Participants (artists and audience alike) will be encouraged to open up to one another, share vulnerability and heal.

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