Ecosystems of Creativity: THF Radio - Regenerative Listening


THF Radio moves from their gatekeeper house at Tempelhof Airport into ACUD to guest curate a day of radio for ‘Ecosystems Of Creativity’ via "Collective Practices". Throughout the 7 hour guest broadcast, collectives, DJs and friends of THF will explore the concept of collectivity, community and constructing a better future via music and discussions.

Duygu Ağal & Derya Yıldırım curators of this summer’s „BETTER FOR YOUR LIFE: Womxn Week“ with THF, will be hosting a panel talk with Slic Unit (an all femme collective) and b2b-crew, exploring the challenges facing collective work and how the realisation of the „Womxn Week“ manifested further steps towards collective knowledge, spreading agency & awareness amongst the whole collective. Politics Of The Dancefloor will also be returning to THF to continue their discussion on imagining an alternative radical future and creating a truly inclusive society. The day will be accompanied by music sets from Slic Unit, B2BCREW and Dj Monibi, showcasing THF’s sonic offering to the city.

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