FRAGMENTS OF FUTURES PAST is the latest longtime-project by Berlin based Artist SICKER MAN.

Every night at 21h he explores the vast universe of dronetronica, neodoom and neoclassical music in improvisations or as he calls it instant compositions.

At 9pm SICKER MAN puts on his self-designed robe and celebrates for 5 minutes genres like drone music and electronica, noise and minimal music.
With the use of his electric cello and plenty of analog electronics he tries summon a possible future of sound and music.
Sometimes he adds quotes by artists like Chuck D or James Baldwin and scenes from movies like "Omega Man" or "Taxi Driver" to comment on the recent political events.
Only if we understand, what did cause the problems of the present times, there can be a future at all.

this is a drone diary,
this is a sound ritual,
this is a daily experiment.

every night at 9 pm CET on

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