HaffSteinMills Trio

Kellen Mills – bass guitar
Jonathon Haffner – alto sax
Joe Hertenstein – drums

“John [Coltrane] was like a visitor to this planet. He came in peace and he left in peace; but during his time here, he kept trying to reach new levels of awareness, of peace, of spirituality. That’s why I regard the music he played as spiritual music — John’s way of getting closer and closer to the Creator.
Albert Ayler”
Kellen Mills Jonathon Haffner and Joe Hertenstein are alien beings and players with sinister intentions with regards to Jazz, free improvisation and avant garde music. This trio will enter into realms as of yet unheard except maybe on mars or something.

Eintritt frei – um angemessenen Kulturbeitrag wird gebeten.
Free entry – it is suggested to give some money if you like the band.

Live auf YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPvaKVVw7Po

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