Igor Levit / Social Media House Concert

Starpianist Igor Levit verlegt den Konzertsaal in der Corona-Krise auf Twitter. Jeden Abend um 19 Uhr wolle er, wann immer möglich, per Livestream für sein Publikum spielen.

Igor Levit auf Twitter:
Empty concert halls. The idea of listening to and experiencing music together is gone - for now. It's necessary, yet so sad. But it's ok. Still: I'd like to continue sharing music with you. Listening. Experiencing. Whatever works. So I'm going to try something: private concerts.

You're the audience. Starting today, 7pm EST, I'll play something for you from my home, here on twitter. Which repertoire? I've got no idea yet. We'll see. It's an experiment. Social Media House Concert until we meet again to do this in real life. So: tonight, 7pm.

Wir verlinken auf Igor Levits Twitter-Kanal, wo er hoffentlich fast jeden Abend wie bisher für uns spielt.

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