Into the shed vol.21 feat. Héloïse Lefebvre / Peter Meyer

Concert with Live Streaming vol. 21
Jazz Classics and original tunes
Héloïse Lefebvre - violin
Peter Meyer - electronics

In order to fight against the spread of the Coronavirus, tremendous cuts were done. Into the shed is an idea born out of an imminent desire to counteract the inevitable economic hardships and psychological stress. Musicians contributing to the Into the shed are all a part of the big and vibrant Berlin jazz and improvised music scene. To help us out during this hard period of time, we kindly ask every listener of these live stream concerts for donations. Please compensate the entrance fee (we suggest 5-10€ or more if you can afford it) as if you were listening to us in a concert venue.

Financial Support
We kindly ask you to support us with a donation in order to let us bridge the time gap until regular concerts begin. There are two ways to contribute:
You can either send us money via You must have a Paypal account to do this.
Or you can support us at gofundme with an amount of your choice:

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