Johannes Albert - Spessart | Tape Release Session

Johannes Albert plays a three tape deck session of his new album "Spessart" and writes post cards to his listeners and friends.
Visuals by Julian and Felix Moser.

The album was inspired by memories of the Spessart region in Bavaria, but later produced in Berlin. This contradiction served as a blueprint for this video loop series. The Spessart becomes a fragile longing place in the middle of Berlin. A bark of a 130-year old Sycamore tree and swaying pines on the sidewalk, wild flowers in a park or the glimpse of a church spire behind the trees create a fake Spessart tune. The entrance to a park becomes the edge of the woods and the public water fountain turns into a sweeping stream. Sometimes blurry images, filmed on MiniDV camera, are looking for moments of nature in the city and question the concept of memory itself.

Music by Johannes Albert

Video series by Felix and Julian Moser
Filmed on MiniDV camera

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