'Kahvehane/Café'-session : Artistic production abroad

Many know Turkish ‘Kahvehanes’, or coffee-houses, where Turkish men sip from their coffee or tea, play their favourite game, ‘Okey’, and talk about everyday topics. This online-‘Kahvehane’ breaks with preconceptions and is an open space to discuss art and experiences of living or working abroad in the cultural sector. Come with me to (virtually) visit Kübra Zeynep Kübra Sarıaslan, who is working as an academic across borders and listen to filmmaker Eren Aksu who is currently based in Berlin. You can even take home a recipe for some Turkish pastry!

Note: As Being Human festival events are free, not everyone who asks for tickets comes to the events. To make sure we have a full house we allocate more tickets than there are places. Admission is on a first come, first served basis, so please arrive in good time for the start of the event

Location: Zoom

A Link will be send to participants after registration.

What will happen?

- Lightening talk by Verena Niepel (journalist & researcher)

- Discussion

- (Virtual) visit Kübra Zeynep Kübra Sarıaslan

- Artist-talk: Eren Aksu

- Q&A

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