Weltall-Forscher-Ferien: Science in Science Fiction (in Eng)

Am dritten Tag der Weltall-Forscher-Ferien, dem digitalen Ferienprogramm für Kinder von 7 bis 12 Jahre, tauchen wir ein in die Welt des Science Fiction - der Livestream wird auf Englisch gezeigt.

Science Fiction transports us to different worlds and introduces us to amazing, futuristic technology. In these stories artificial gravity, laser swords, teleportation, space travel, and communication over long distances in an instant are all possible. Are all of these just impossible parts of a fictional plot? Or are they actually possible now or in the near future – thanks to science? Let’s find out together just what is imaginary science fiction and what is actually science fact!

Bild © SPB / Foto: A. Green

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