Living In A Box | Fête de la Musique Special

LIVING IN A BOX is a curated series of concerts from Club GRETCHEN. We started a great exploration of the digital space and in such the live shows must go on. We stream outstanding performances with an authentic view to show and support Berlin’s diverse cultural landscape. We want to sharpen the perception of non-commercial and new-comer projects.

We are live, and we invite all of you to go deep down the rabbit hole with us.

▶️ https://berta.berlin/fete-de-la-musique


16:00 BerlinLobster
16:30 Derya Yıldırım
17:00 Aron Ottignon & Friends
17:30 Mirna Bogdanovic Group
18:00 Mike Nasa & The Appropriaters
18:30 DALEE
19:30 Yusuf Sahilli
20.00 Natalie Greffel
20:30 Avi & Ahmed
21:00 Cäthe
22:00 Key Elements

Presented by: Cosmo, fritz-kola, Český rozhlas Jazz, Jazz thing, Kraftfuttermischwerk, HHV Records and Digital in Berlin

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