Mera Transmission

The pandemic state we’re currently living in has caused an abrupt shift to this reality. Not only for the label, but also and especially for the promoters, producers and musicians, who’ve suddenly lost a major source of income. We are all living a delicate moment, and we wish to highlight the necessity for continued support towards the artistic community – a community that’s pushing through a time of great fragility. Our desire is to provide music to the largest conceivable amount of people, while also creating ways of endorsing those who make it all possible – and we’re counting on you to help us make it happen.

Thus, we present MERA TRANSMISSION – DOMESTIC RAVE, a three day totally open and exclusively online festival. To make this feasible, we need to raise 2000€ in order to pay all those involved – both artists and production crew. This is how we want to work, and we believe it can be done. There’s a suggested amount for contribution – 10€, but we do accept donations of any size. If you can exceed this amount, feel free to do so! And to those who aren’t in a position to support us financially, the best way to help is to spread our message within your community.

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