New Donbass Symphony premiere in Berlin – Misto 2 Go

We are happy to announce a special gig to celebrate the release of the “New Donbass Symphony”! The album is written and recorded by teenagers from the Ukrainian frontline towns, and produced by the German musician + composer Yuriy Gurzhy.
Here’s what Yuriy Gurzhy has to say: «Are there any songs about Komyshuvakha, Popasna or Raigorodok? Troitske? Or maybe Mykolaivka? Together with the kids we figured out that there were very few such songs. Actually, they don't exist at all. We decided to correct that and started looking for topics: female football, the chalk mountains, “Vostok nightclub” (The East), the quarantine restrictions, drifting on a school bus on the Donbass autobahn, eventually we recorded 12 songs on all these subjects.
All the children I’ve had the honor to work with in Donbass are superstars. In each school where we recorded our songs in classrooms and cold auditoriums,– we met future ukrainian Spice Girls, Nicki Minaj, or maybe even Slipknot. So, this album release is not the end of the project, – it’s just the beginning, at least, I hope so”.
More information on the project here: https://www.mistotogo.com

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