NONFLIX CONVERSATION follows the two-day screening of NONFLIX SET 1 + NONFLIX SET 2

The conversation focuses on making films and organizing events in the pandemic era. Considering Asia as a norm, the conversation will carry out issues of the norm-taker and the norm-maker of NONFLIX’s artists, filmmakers and organizers who share their experiences about working processes and visions on the future of arts and movies.
It will be organized as a roundtable discussion.

(artists) Bernd Lützeler, Kay Abano, Philip Widmann, Trương Minh Quý
(organizing project spaces) Nguyễn Quốc Thành from Queer Forever!, Nhật Q.Vo from Sàn Art
(moderation) Bùi Kim Đĩnh from NON Berlin

Because of technical limitations, advance registration is required for attendance at the conversation.
Check out here: https://www.nonberlin.com/nonflix/
or register through the given link in event description.

NONFLIX – limited and less…Asia
Film Festival with Short, Experimental Films and More
is curated by Bùi Kim Đĩnh

Supported by Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa Berlin

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