NONFLIX Film Festival SET 2

Film Festival with Short, Experimental Films and More
3-Day Online + Onsite Screenings

Emerged in the time of social isolation, the festival seeks another mode of connecting, exchanging and getting into conversation through a journey of moving images. With 17 films by 11 artists, we take a closer look at Asia as the main focus. The films will be screened online via Website. For more information check our website:

NONFLIX 2 = 9 films = 188 minutes / Online for 24 hours
The second part of our festival switches the focus from external to internal colonization and zooms in on domestic complexities, racism, intimacy and gender matters.

Films: „Anna and the Prince“ (2014), „La Double Vie de Maniejan“ (2013), „Red Aninsri; Or, Tiptoeing on the Still Trembling Berlin Wall“ (2020) by Ratchapoom Boonbunchachoke; „Beer! Beer!“ (2019) & „The Drum Tower“ (2018) by Popo Fan; „The Sublime of Rectum“ (2017) by Trương Minh Quý; „How He Met My Mother“ (2020) by Colin Huang; „Shut up white boy“ (2012) by Vũ Thị Thu Hà; „Uterus Man“ (2013) by Lu Yang

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