Online - Curious Minds: ArtScience Monthly #1

We take our ArtScience Monthly #1 as an opportunity to experiment with new formats with you: let’s meet up virtually!

What happens when two different minds interconnect and get to think about how they think? The ArtScience Monthly is about putting our curiosity into action and learning from one another. We invite you to join in these open and informal evenings, where we'll create playful situations for one-on-one interactions with other participants. We'll share thoughts, practice open-mindedness and create new bonds, while imagining alternative futures by crossing perspectives beyond disciplinary boundaries.

Program of the evening:
7:00 Introduction to Curious Minds
7:15 Inspiration Talks: Veronika Dräxler and Anton Henssen
7:45 Interactive Session in Breakout Rooms
8:00 Collective Exchange
8:15 Open Flow with soundscapes (make sure to bring a drink)

Join us on Zoom via this link: ttps://zoom.us/j/993677524

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