PAF Special: Digital Talk following ‘Leashed_unleashed’

Theaterscoutings Berlin accompanies the Performing Arts Festival Berlin (25.05.–30.05. 2021) with innovative digital formats.

The piece is a synthesis of choreographic material and poetic stories of very personal and intimate confrontations with (self) control which thus achieve divergent spaces of perception. A multimedia performance about control structures and how they affect our bodies. Inspired by field research and interviews with people who deal with adjustments and control of the body on a daily basis. The audience talk offers to follow a work-in-progress-work and share impressions which might influence the ongoing artistic process.

A recommendation from Theaterscoutings Berlin.
Theaterscoutings Berlin takes you through the jungle of the diverse - currently digital - independent performing arts community in Berlin! In cooperation with over 30 independent Berlin venues, a monthly program is created with selected dance and theater productions, each accompanied by an (almost always free) additional program.

More information about the show and Theaterscoutins Berlin:

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