Paulina Owczarek / Ulf Mengersen / Liliana Zieniawa

Paulina Owczarek - sax
Ulf Mengersen - double bass
Liliana Zieniawa - drums

Paulina Owczarek – saxophonist and improviser, based in Krakow. She plays the alto and baritone saxophones. Interested mainly in free improvisation and contemporary chamber music. She is an active member of improvised and experimental music scene, taking part in Krakow free improv projects and international festivals of contemporary and improvised music.

Ulf Mengersen is a bass player who is active in the fields of experimental, improvised and contemporary music. On the double bass he is producing a huge variety of sounds using the bow, his fingers and other materials, always searching for new colors. Since he finished his studies at the Franz Liszt Hochschule Weimar in 2007, he is based in Berlin and part of the European experimental music scene.

Liliana Zieniawa - drummer, vibraphone player and composer. She graduated from the jazz department at the Music Academy in Katowice in 2015. Her music is deeply rooted in the tradition of European improvised music.

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