Piano solo. Sasha Pushkin. New world #2. New music

The second "New world" concert of Sasha Pushkin has the same purpose as the first one: to support you in these hard times.
Every single note of this creative act will be dedicated to you.
The music might reflect the state of the moment, the frequency of your own resonance, you sadness and your happiness, your thought constructions and your hidden desires or even much more or simply much less. The healing process could be painfully sweet or sweetly tough, or it will be just nothing for you.. You decide it for yourself.
However new music will be born and possibly new live album will be recorded.
You can see and hear music in the unique moment of creation.
Sasha will use his "Exprovisation" art to do this.
Stay healthy and create your new world. Our new & old good world!

Sasha Pushkin
As a cross over composer, pianist, improviser, singer and concept - creator, he works in the fields of, improvised, contemporary and new music, world, jazz, electronic, rock using elements of industrial, avant-garde, classic and much more...

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