Politics Of Desire On The Dancefloor and Beyond

Ecosystems of Creativity: Politics Of Desire On The Dancefloor And Beyond
livestream panel and DJ Set
5. December, 7pm, Acud Club
Panelists: Max Folly, Ashus, Daddypuss Rex
moderation by Juba
DJ set: Folly Ghost

In a world where discussions around ‘decolonising’ and ‘unlearning’ reign, this conversation will look at this in relation to desirability and attraction in a ‘cisnormative’ world (even in queer spaces). This conversation seeks to extend the discussion around gender and gender binaries and encourage people to explore their own ideas around desirability. It will try to find the balance between encouraging the reassessment of ideals and respecting boundaries. This discussion will aim to be an open and safe space, where pressing and even uncomfortable questions around gender, identity and attraction can be asked and answered as objectively as possible.

More Info: http://collectivepractices.acudmachtneu.de/2020/11/16/politics-of-desire-on-the-dancefloor-and-beyond/

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