PHYSICAL DRAMA is a regular training for physical theatre designed for
circus -performers, actors, dancers, wishing to perfect their skills and creative knowledge in this enormous landscape done of non-verbal theatre, or Tanztheater or performance, puppets and objects.
3 times the week online, ( as soon ans possible also back live classes in Berlin ).

PHYSICAL DRAMA is at the intersection between dance, mime, theatre and circus. the main purpose is to give a clear dramaturgical meaning to every movement and gesture.
Next to the training, with is strongly based on the Decroux technique, Pablo Volo develops also a ‘conversation piece’, a longer suite or ‘etude’ about a specific theme in connection with paintings, and visual art, or
books or movies or music.
After a longer study about Rilke and then the Soldier’s Tale of Stravinsky, now this week the work is focus on the Italian popular tale of Pinocchio and the different possible parallel interpretations.

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