SHOXXXBOXXX LIVE DREAM #11 - New Year's Variety Show!!

Thu. 14. Jan. 2021
21:00- (UTC+1)

100% DIY live streaming project from Berlin!

#11: New Year’s Variety Show!!

The year 2021 has just started and the second season of SHOXXXBOXXX LIVE DREAM has come!
We changed settings of our program and made some new segments.

We originally planned to invite Jealousy Party to play here.
But we couldn’t make it happen for some reasons and we decided that we postpone the show.
Instead, we are gonna have a New Year’s Variety Show!!
This time the program is consist of several short attractions including music and visual arts.
So, you don’t get bored!!

Line up:

SHOXXXBOXXX Dreamy Live Analog Theather

LIVE! Playing with Modular synths by Kurihara

virtual DIY workshop by Johannes Marx

Short short flip animations by SHOXXX

and some more surprises!!

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SHOXXXBOXXX LIVE DREAM is created by Johannes Marx (Pitchtuner, Marx) & SHOXXX

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