SHOXXXBOXXX LIVE DREAM #13 with Yaneq & friend

100% DIY live streaming project from Berlin!

#13 Yaneq & friend
Yaneq performs four new Songs. Berlin’s Elktro-Dub queen Eva Be provides the beats. As for his old Ghettotechpunkmetalrap band Mutfak Drt Yaneq wrote his new lyrics in English. Video art by Anina Brisolla will be projected in the background. The artist Phlip Grözinger will paint live. Yaneq will also bring some wermut, gin, olives and ice to mix some dry martinis.


- LIVE! Yaneq and friend
with artwork by Phlip Grözinger (

- SHOXXXBOXXX Live Analog Animation
"Don't forget Fukushima!"
for the 10th anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear disaster
"How to domesticate a monster..."

- Virtual DIY workshop by Johannes Marx (
"Making a social distance counter"

- Short short flip animations by SHOXXX

and some more surprises!!

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SHOXXXBOXXX LIVE DREAM is created by Johannes Marx (Pitchtuner, Marx) & SHOXXX

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