SHOXXXBOXXX LIVE DREAM #20: All Shows 2021 Highlights

100% DIY live streaming project from Berlin!

Fri. 7. Oct. 2022
20:00- (UTC+2/CEST)

All Show 2021 Highlights!!!

We are still alive!!
After a one-year break we come back with the highlight shows of 2021 and some surprises!

We gathered together our favourite scenes from the past shows in 2021 #11 - #19. So, it's gonna be a highlights show of SHOXXXBOXXX LIVE DREAM 2021!!
The long thin green one and the man in the mixer will lead through the evening program.

The guest artists of our past shows are:
Kurihara, RavingMadCarlos, Yaneq & friend, Ann Weller (Ann & Bones), Dogga & Spuggles (Puppetmastaz), Jim Avignon, Unkenny Valleys, Krach der Roboter & Aquarium, Puppe'n Mucke and Mark Reeder

- - - - - - - - - -
Line up:
- Live Puppet Theater by Live Dream Team
- Highlight videos from all shows in 2021

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SHOXXXBOXXX LIVE DREAM is created by Johannes Marx (Pitchtuner, Marx) & SHOXXX

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