Standard Default vol. 7 - Live Streaming from the empty CDPV

Concert with Live Streaming vol. 7
Jazz Classics and original tunes
Ronny Graupe - Guitar
Lars Gühlcke - Doublebass
Danny Schröteler - Drums
special guest 22.03!!! Magnus Schriefl - Trumpet

Crazy times. A whole lot of cancelations of concerts has forced me to go Into the shed with my mates and think about another way to promote concerts. For the time being we will be playing live shows in Club der Polnischen Versager in Berlin without any audience. I mean, at least at the venue there will be no one. With the help of Live Streaming we hope to atract an even bigger audience no matter where they are situated.

Financial Support
We kindly ask you to support us with a donation in order to let us bridge the time gap until regular concerts begin. There are two ways to contribute:
You can either send us money via PayPal.me/intotheshed. You must have a Paypal accout to do this.
Or you can support us at gofundme with an amount of your choice: www.gofundme.com/into-the-shed

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