Standard Default vol. 9 Live Streaming Panda Theater Berlin

Concert with Live Streaming vol. 9
Jazz Classics and original tunes
Ronny Graupe - Guitar
Marc Schmolling - Piano

This is going to be the substitution for the regular PANDA JAZZ series. Due to the new orders for fighting the Coronavirus it's only allowed to meet in groups of two people. That's why from now on until the end of these sanctions I will invite other musicians on Wednesdays to play with me in Duo and take care of the Live Stream. As soon as there are no sanctions anymore the regular PANDA JAZZ series takes over again for business as usual. Thank you PANDA for having the opportunity to host and play these concerts in Duo.

Financial Support
We kindly ask you to support us with a donation in order to let us bridge the time gap until regular concerts begin. There are two ways to contribute:
You can either send us money via PayPal.me/intotheshed. Or you can support us at gofundme with an amount of your choice: www.gofundme.com/into-the-shed

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