Syria's ongoing war & lessons for Ukraine

The “Syrianization” of the world is what the Syrian intellectual Yassin al-Haj Saleh has called the inevitable effects of impunity for Syrian and Russian crimes in Syria. If chemical attacks and the targeted bombing of hospitals remain without political consequences, then the problem is no longer just concerning Syrians, but the whole world. A painful reminder of this is the current war against Ukraine.

In his book “Syria, the Orphan Revolution” (Edition Nautilus, 2021) the Lebanese political scientist Ziad Majed, details how the Syrian regime met the peaceful mass uprising of 2011 with unprecedented violence, sparking a war that is continuing to this day. He shows to what extent the International Community has failed to assume its responsibility to protect the people in Syria and is just "managing" the conflict, not living up to what it rhetorically uses to claim.

On the 11th anniversary of the Syrian revolution, March 15, 2022, we want to discuss with Ziad Majed what the orphanhood of the revolution means for Syria and the world today and analyse how the ongoing impunity is having an impact in the current context.

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