„Two Trees Make a Forest“: Reading with Jessica J. Lee

Online Reading, Englisch-language Event

please REGISTER by sending an email to pocolitinfo@gmail.com.

The Green Library series invites creative writers living in and around Berlin to read and perform their work. It aims to create a space for discussions about nature and the environment. In line with Poco. Lit.’s broader aims, the series strives to draw forward lesser-heard voices and perspectives, particularly from the global South and People of Colour.

On June, 5 at 8pm, poco. lit. and Jessica J. Lee will talk about her two books “Two Trees Make a Forest” and “Turning: a Swimming Memoir”.

Jessica J. Lee is a British-Canadian-Taiwanese author and currently lives in Berlin. She has a PhD in Environmental History and Aesthetics and was Writer-in-Residence at the Leibniz Institute for Freshwater Ecology in Berlin from 2017–2018. Jessica is the founding editor of The Willowherb Review.

We will share the link for zoom with you upon registration. The participation is free.

The Green Library event series is supported by the Berlin Senate.

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