United We Stream | Amplify Berlin Live from ACUD MACHT NEU

United We Stream, in alliance with ARTE Concert host a streaming platform of Berlin´s clubs, event organizers and artists showcasing the entire range and diversity of this scene on one channel. All income from the stream will go directly to a relief fund which will support clubs and event organizers in need during the closure of clubs across the city.

The stream takes place at ACUD MACHT NEU Club featuring a lineup of mentees and mentors from the Amplify Berlin Creative Development Program. Amplify Berlin offers month-long residencies driven by guidance, a focused work environment and access to resources as an alternative model of artistic residency and music education.

The Allegorist (Live) https://soundcloud.com/the-allegorist
Diane Barbé (DJ) https://soundcloud.com/dianeisadorabarbe
Ionian Death Robes (Live) https://ioniandeathrobes.bandcamp.com/
Jessika Khazrik (DJ/Hybrid) https://soundcloud.com/jessikakhazrik
Khyam Allami (Live) https://khyamallami.com/
Maya Shenfeld (Live) https://soundcloud.com/maya-shenfeld
Rabih Beaini (DJ) https://soundcloud.com/rabih
Sasha Perera / Perera Elsewhere (DJ) https://soundcloud.com/perera-elsewhere

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