Vortex Four

Grgur Savic – alt saxophone
Igor Lumpert – tenor saxophone
Ivar Roban Križić – bass
Matheus Jardim – drums


GRGUR SAVIC is saxophonist and composer based in Berlin since 2015.

Widely associated with his main projects: PITCH SHIFTING, SPACE TIGERS BERLIN, THE FORM and his newest GRGUR SAVIC VORTEX FOUR embracing the freedom, melodic power, harmonious joy and spirit performing his original compositions. Past musical projects include Mangroove, an experimental fusion, Free Willys, conceptual free music trio, Tub Force – post bop/fusion. Grgur’s music is available through the CD-s he has recorded, Youtube and others. In between recording and playing shows, Grgur is self studying on making short documentaries and movies which are involved in major of his music videos.



Eintritt frei – um angemessenen Kulturbeitrag wird gebeten.
Free entry – it is suggested to give some money if you like the band.

Live auf YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdwHbERpd3w

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