In view of the great success of Walkthroughs, synthesis is pleased to present Walkthroughs - A Further Look.
With many of us still stuck home, Zoom taking over most of our social life and the art world going digital, we long to create a virtual ecosystem that keeps on feeding our creativity and frees us from tension and stress. Walkthroughs is our response to the current challenging times. Now more than ever, we think it is important to stay connected, creative and get inspired. Walkthroughs of VR artistic experiences is what we have envisioned. VR art live streamed through the artist's eyes. A weekly meetup happening safely online with curators joining the conversation and creatives that, in turn, put the headset on, share their screen and walk us through the VR work. The walkthroughs focus on providing an overview of the artist’s creative process and insights into the work as heard from the artists themselves, as they walk us through it.

For Walkthroughs - A Further Look, we are thrilled to present artworks by Claudia Hart, Armin Keplinger, LaJuné McMillian and Alfredo Salazar-Caro.

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